Allison Sippel Peteet

Sippel Peteet

Current Georgetown County Treasurer Allison Sippel Peteet announced on Wednesday, Feb. 12 she will run for reelection this year.

“I am not finished yet,” Sippel Peteet said. “My first term as County Treasurer has been very successful. I was able to bring new innovative ideas and procedures to the office and staff allowing them to work smarter. I also instituted cross-training to better serve the citizens of Georgetown County. I look forward to continue serving our community and plan to seek another term as Treasurer.”

According to a press release, “In May 2018, Sippel-Peteet partnered with a third party collection agency allowing the county to collect delinquent taxes that have been outstanding for the last 10 or more years. She was also able to identify and remove tax notices that should never have been added to the tax roll or are uncollectible. This allows for more accurate figures when planning the annual budget. Last year Sippel-Peteet was very instrumental in moving many accounts to a new bank saving the County hundreds of thousand dollars in future fees. She also invested millions of dollars in a Local Government Investment Pool earning the County hundreds of thousand dollars in interest. Sippel-Peteet was the lead on the new layout for the tax notices, making them easier to read and providing much more useful information to the taxpayers.”

Sippel-Peteet is also the County Delinquent Tax Collector.

The release went on to say, “Two years ago she hired a professional auctioneer and set up new guidelines to make that process run much more smoothly. She has also gone above and beyond to notify taxpayers to prevent their property from going to sale.”

Sippel-Peteet is currently finishing the Institute of Government program. She is very active in the S.C. Association of Auditors, Treasurers, and Tax Collectors and the Tax Collectors Association of the Palmetto State.

“This experience and my motivation to continue serving the citizens of Georgetown County as your Treasurer will allow me to make even more improvements during my next term. I am asking you for your full support in the upcoming election,” Sippel Peteet said.