Georgetown City Council

City Council voted to avoid the business of funding private startup companies.

The Georgetown City Council held their regular monthly meeting on July 25.

Rudolph Bradley raised a question regarding the Accommodations & Hospitality Tax Committee’s recommendation of giving $115,517 to 10 different applicants. Bradley asked specifically about Indigo Touring who requested $6,513.50. The money requested would have been part of the company’s startup finances.

Indigo Touring, represented by Kristina McManus at the Accommodations and Hospitality Tax Committee’s meeting, wanted the funds for12 bicycles, website, posters and business cards.

The funding was approved unanimously by the A-Tax Committee prior to reaching City Council.

Mayor Brendon Barber stated A-Tax money is generally given to non-profits with projects dedicated to encouraging tourism and suggested that approval of this request would “open a can of worms.” The council voted unanimously to remove the Indigo Touring request before approving the remaining A-Tax funding requests.

The council approved a $500,000 bid to Melton Electric Company out of Myrtle Beach for upgrades to the city’s water treatment plant. Melton was the lowest bidder beating L&L Contractors out of Andrews as well as Level Utilities out of Georgetown. L&L Contractors was about $60,000 higher and did not provide bids for generator warranty or an “alternate” approach. Level Utilities’ bid was over $250,000 higher than Melton.

Council approved updates to the employee handbook. The changes add language stating tuition reimbursment requests may be denied and emphasized the program as a privilege instead of a right of employment. It also eliminates “education leave” for employees.

The council also approved second reading of an ordinance to annex 10.55 acres of land owned by Northgate of Goergetown, LLC as well as an ordinance to rezone that property from residential to General Commercial.

Council approved second reading of an ordinance regarding a continued franchise agreement with Dominion Energy.

The City Council is scheduled to hold their next regular meeting on Aug. 15.