Officers, family and community members gathered at First Baptist Church for the Swearing-In Ceremony of Carter Weaver for Sheriff of Georgetown County on Thursday afternoon.

“This is a celebratory moment to show our support and extend a heartfelt congratulation to our new elected sheriff,” Georgetown County Detention Center Director Neal Johnson said as he asked the crowd for a round of applause.

Weaver won the sheriff election on February 5 beating competitor Birt Adams to claim the title of Sheriff of Georgetown County. Their votes were later certified on Friday, Feb.7.

Weaver proudly sat next to his sister, two children and father at the ceremony while a crowd of Georgetown County deputies and other professionals were behind him. Honorary Judge Benjamin Culbertson presented the oath while Vince Weaver, Weaver’s father, held the bible.

Weaver put his left hand on the bible and raised his right hand to take the oath of office to protect and serve the community of Georgetown County to the best of his ability. Afterwards, Weaver emotionally spoke at his ceremony about serving Georgetown County and the duties he will have to perform.

“I’m proud to be your sheriff and I look forward to serving you” he said.  Weaver also said that he hopes to live up to the legacy of the late Sheriff Lane Cribb who passed away five months ago and who's funeral also happened at the sanctuary. 

Weaver discussed about the issues in the county including youth safety, the opioids epidemic and mental health. He said that he would advocate for mental health professionals that works with law enforcement.

“Comprehensive solutions are needed and as your sheriff, I value to start the conversation again in the state and local levels and soften the interaction between the police and the mental ill” he said.

Sheriff Weaver made a commitment to Georgetown community to “serve you in a professional manner and strive to represent the community in which we serve through diversity and empathy,” to county government and council members, other police departments and to his own office.

"I will strive to lead by example, from the front, and never forget that it is you who lifts me up. I will always focus on your quality of life, whether it be merit raises to ensure a competitive wage or a new correctional facility to ensure a safe work environment. Your needs will never go unspoken or unheard.”

Bishop John Smith gave the benediction to thank not only the new sheriff but  to the men and woman who protect the people of Georgetown.