Browns Ferry man charged with murder of 21-year-old girlfriend


A 19-year-old Georgetown man has been charged with murder in connection with the brutal death of a 21-year-old Plantersville native.

According to the records at J. Reuben Long Detention Center in Conway, John Rashard Scott of 214 Antioch Loop, in the Browns Ferry area, was booked into the jail at 2:19 a.m.,Saturday. He remained incarcerated Tuesday while awaiting a bond hearing.

He is accused of killing Eboni Drayton who was pronounced dead around 9 p.m., Friday, by Horry County Deputy Coroner Daris Fowler.

Fowler said Drayton died from blunt force trauma to the head.

The incident took place at a home on Comfort Court off of Highway 701 just south of the Conway city limits.

According to Scott’s arrest warrant, an Horry County officer met with Scott’s mother in Conway Friday night.

She told the officer Scott had called her “and told her that he thinks he killed his girlfriend,” the warrant states.

Police found Scott in his car at the Comfort Court Road home. He got out of the vehicle with his hands in the air.

“I am right here,” he reportedly said, adding that Drayton was in the house.

When the officers asked if she was alive or hurt, Scott said he did not know, according to the warrant.

Once Scott was secured in the patrol car, police went up to the home and saw blood splattered on the front door. Because it was locked, one of the officers had to kick the door open.

They found Drayton in a pool of blood with a laceration to the neck.

On the other side of the room police found a bloody axe with a yellow handle.

After Scott was read his Miranda Rights, he “did choose to give (one of the officers) a brief statement,” according to the warrant.

Scott reportedly told the officer he got home from work changed and went to get his hair cut.

He said after the haircut he went to pick his daughter up from Drayton’s home. He said they had been seeing each other for about four years and they had been “arguing on and off for months.”

Scott reportedly told the officer he got his daughter and strapped her in the seat of the car and then realized he left his keys in the house so he went back inside.

“He states that is when he and the victim started to argue. He said that she stated something like ‘I don’t want to be with you anymore’ or ‘I can’t do this anymore’ and that is when everything changed,” the warrant states.

“He said whatever she said struck a nerve in him and he lost it. He stated that she pushed him or smushed his face (pushing his face) and he doesn’t know what happen after that. He states that he lost it and blacked out.

He said that when he came to he heard his daughter saying ‘daddy’ from the car.”

Scott – who reportedly had what appeared to be a pink finger nail stuck on his shirt in the middle of his chest – allegedly told police he walked to his car, hugged his daughter and drove to the McDonalds in Carolina Forest and called his mother.

The warrant says Scott also told police “he thought he may have some mental issues but he never told anyone about them. He said he talks to himself a lot.”

Drayton graduated from Carvers Bay High School a year after John Cochran, who has fond memories of her from school.

“She was an outgoing girl. She was always smiling when I would see her in the hallways,” he recalled. “She was a person everybody wanted to hang around. She loved to play and have fun but never got in trouble. I never saw her down.”