On August 7, at around 10 p,m, officers Reginald Fitzgerald and Tomas Santiago of the Andrews Police Department responded to the Food Lion on Main Street in Andrews in response to a man who was believed to have overdosed on something.

Upon arrival, a citizen was attempting to rouse the victim unsuccessfully by tapping him on the face. The victim was unconscious. He was removed from the vehicle and laid on the ground. Officers observed the victim having shallow breathing. Officers first attempted a “chest rub” technique to revive him with no success. His lips were turning blue and he had become pale.

When his breathing stopped completely, Officer Santiago began CPR. Officer Fitzgerald poured cold water on his forehead as he appeared to be sweating profusely. The victim began breathing but struggled before the breathing stopped again. Officer Santiago continued CPR and soon the victim began breathing and color returned to his lips and face.

EMS arrived on the scene and the officers relinquished care at that time.