Mauretta Dorsey

Mauretta Dorsey gives the Administrator’s Report during a council meeting Nov. 21.

At the monthly town council meeting Nov. 21, Mayor Frank McClary and Town Administrator Mauretta Dorsey called attention to rejuvenating Andrews.

Dorsey said during the SC Community Development Association Meeting, the focus was on affordable housing. A Princeton University study showed South Carolina has the highest eviction rate in the nation and 29 of the 50 highest small place eviction rates are found in S.C. She said Andrews will partner with organizations to build new construction homes so those who want to obtain home ownership will be in a position to do so. Dorsey also said she and McClary presented at the ATAX meetings on Oct. 9 and Nov. 14 a package requesting $114,000 for which theyreceived $16,000, we’re number 14 on the list out of 16, so by the time they got to Andrewsthey only had $20,000 left to recommend. “They are only recommendations, not the final say-so,” Dorsey said.

Dorsey pointed out how Andrews must highlight its historic connection to the Seaboard Air Line Railroad as well as focus on the western side of Georgetown County. Andrews will also partner with the Department of Social Services which gives individuals an opportunity to build their occupational skills.

She said upcoming events include Christmas Parade and tree lighting Sunday, Dec. 8 at 3 p.m.

McClary said the town will strive to improve quality of life through innovation, partnerships and communication. “We want to recognize the support and amazing crowd that turned out for Halloween and we have supplies ready for Christmas,” he said.

Her described building relationships with neighboring municipalities as part of his vision.

“We see opportunities to partner with others in our vision to make Andrews a destination,” McClary said. “Our intent is to also work with the business owners and talk to them and encourage them to do something with their store fronts. We also talked about the Andrews airport, CSX Railway, US 21 & 41.”

McClary also pointed out they are searching for a police chief and town council member and former state trooper James Altman has some insights to go about a search.

“Over the past few years, we have had some issues in keeping a chief here in town,” Altman said. “I sat down with the mayor to talk about it. When I was in law enforcement, the highway patrol, Andrews and Georgetown County, we all kind of supported each other and helped each other. I suggested to the mayor when we start taking applications to find a new police chief, that we try and get a member of the Sheriff’s Department in Williamsburg and Georgetown County and the Highway Patrol to actually sit in and help us go through the applications, pick a qualified pool of applicants and actively have them sit in on the actual interviews to see if we can get a chief that will lead us into the future,” he said. “Also I think that would help mend rapport we have lost with some agencies.” Altman said when he was on patrol he had the phone numbers of every officer in Andrews, he knew most deputies personally. Everett Carolina, County Council District 3, said the projects the taxpayers voted on are coming to a conclusion and once the projects are classified as completed, whatever money is in excess than the taxpayers will make a decision as to what projects will be selected. It is a balancing act trying to satisfy not only the western side of the county but also the eastern side. ”

McClary recognized Raymond Newton, Georgetown County Council for District 5 and Robert S. Stamper II, the newly elected Andrews Town Council member in attendance.

Brenda Jackson, CPA Kenneth Cole and Company, reviewed salary and budgets for police and fire departments, which she said are on target. and the water and sewer budgets are in good shape.

In new business, the mayor said Resolution No. 2019-03: adoption of Georgetown Hazard Mitigation Plan, establishes measures to be put in place to address hazardous situations. Justin Duncan, Public Works Supervisor, added it was the most basic of information.

Duncan said the inspection with the water system took place on Nov. 18 and was satisfactory.

Following a vote, the mayor said the County Hazard Mitigation Plan was adopted as an official plan of the Town of Andrews.