Jamie Alman

Councilman Jamie Altman discusses a program that the city of Conway has used to buy back damaged properties.

During the Aug. 15 Andrews town council meeting, second reading was passed to amend the business license ordinance to require “renewal applicants within the municipal limits to submit copies of portions of state and federal income tax returns to reflect gross income figures.”

Council members also unanimously approved a seat belt policy for town employees and a safety resolution. These policies are an annual requirement of the town being a member of the Municipal Association of South Carolina.

During the administrators report, it was announced that the town had interviews with candidates Coastal Structures Corp. /Tych & Walker Architects, LLP, GMK Associates, Inc. and Harrington Construction Co., Inc., on Aug. 9 for the construction of the new Public Safety Complex. According to Town Administrator Mauretta Dorsey, “there were some follow-up questions that needed to be addressed and the town will proceed with a notice of intent to award sometime this week.”

It was also announced during the meeting that the town of Andrews was scheduled to have a kickoff meeting with CivicLive on Aug. 19. It was announced at the last month’s meeting that CivicLive was selected to provide Andrews with an updated website that will provide a better service to its citizens.

Dorsey also reminded that the town will be closed for Labor Day and gave the dates for the upcoming 110th anniversary Andrews Heritage Festival which will be held on Sept. 27-28 of this year.

Councilman Jamie Altman said that as a member of Santee Cooper, he had the opportunity to work in Conway during last year’s hurricane and flood. He said that he met with the town of Conway’s administrator, Adam Emrick, and learned about the town’s buy-back program.

The program buys back homes that are not livable and are in an area that will flood again. Altman expressed optimism that Andrews could participate in their own version.

Altman said he learned that Conway was turning the properties back into green space and has bought 29 properties so far.

“This is a program, maybe we can get involved in, and try and buy back some of these homes that have been damaged by floods,” said Altman.

The next regular council meeting will be Sept. 19 at 6 p.m.