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Around 30 Airstreams are expected to visit Georgetown this weekend.

Georgetown’s downtown is preparing for an invasion of Airstream trailers.

About 30 of the vehicles are expected to roll into town Friday morning, cruise from East Bay Park to Dozier Street at 10 a.m. and set up their vehicles between Front Street and the Sampit River for the duration of the weekend before leaving town on Sunday. In between, the visitors are expected to participate in the Mardi Gras celebration for Miss Ruby’s Kids, visit the Harborwalk and entertain visitors interested in their homes on wheels.

“The first urban rally for an Airstream club was in Eton Rapids, Michigan,” said Henry Knight with the South Carolina Coastal Airstream Club. He helped organize this weekend’s urban rally in partnership with the Georgetown Business Association and the county's Chamber of Commerce. “The Upstate club did it in York last year. We decided to hit the Lowcountry.”

The idea behind the urban rally is simple, Knight said. It lets club members get a feel for the coastal towns, and lets residents gain a feel for Airstreams.

“When we do urban camping, we call it ‘dry camping’,” Knight said. “We don’t use any of the town’s resources. We’re entirely self contained.”

Other activities this weekend include a mayor’s welcome at 6 p.m. with Georgetown Mayor Brendon Barber. On Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m., the Airstreamers intend to open their Airstreams for visitors.

While there are many types of travel trailers on the road, the Airstream is easily recognizable. Most look like a silver cigar.

While space has limited the number of urban campers, Knight said, other club members may drive their personal vehicles and socialize with the group.

The Airstreams will be parked for the weekend along Orange, King and West Front streets.