Litchfield Company

Bill Miller and Bud Harper of the Litchfield Company announce homes coming to the Harbour Club at Winyah Bay.

New homes will be sprouting up in Georgetown soon after an announcement last week by the Litchfield Company.

Beverly Homes will be the contractor for the homes located at the Harbor Club on Winyah Bay;p 92 lots are now under contract and 60 lots have been closed with approximately 31 lots near the water still for sale.

“I’d be shocked if you don’t see something vertical in 30-60 days,” Bud Harbor from the Litchfield Company said.

“The infrastructure has been there awhile,” he said.

“I think the attitude was to wait until the real estate recovers and then find the right builder. Beverly is a strong company and makes good products. Bill Miller and I have been working with Beverly for about six months.”

Georgetown Mayor Brendon Barbor said the news is perfect timing for the city.

“When we talk about building density, that’s one thing we have talked about in the city helping the population to grow,” Mayor Barber said.

“It also creates a new revenue stream. Anytime you can improve property within the city limits, it helps from fees to taxes. It will also help retailers and other businesses within the city. This is great news for Georgetown. It also helps to add to our inventory. We do not have an inventory that is adequate at this time. People would love to come to Georgetown, but they can’t find affordable homes in the $200,000 to $250,000 range.”