A new walls and a fresh coat of paint were being at installed American Legion Post #178 in Murrells Inlet last week.

With the sounds of drills and saws cutting into the fresh boards, the post is getting a much needed remodeling.

The Home Depot Foundation, dedicated to donating $500 million in helping veterans and their causes, is granting Post #178 $2,500 worth of materials to construct a new upstairs meeting room for the Legion Post.

Volunteers from the store pitched in to help strip the walls, floors and door frame along with painting the entire room.

The much-needed building needed repairs that Post Commander Ed Courtney says has been put off for years as the room has been too humid.

“The upstairs had been allowed to go to a moist environment, so we had to rip pretty much everything out up there,” Courtney said “That will be the new meeting room so that we have don’t to sit in the dining room to hold our meetings.”

Courtney also said that the room will also be used as a storage area to hold records and files.

The facility’s upstairs office had no working air condition and as such could not place valuable documents in there. They previously constructed a new set of stairs leading up to the office in a week’s time.

“We they had given us in the grant for the wall board, some panels to put up on the walls, the paint. All those supplies to be able to do this project 100 percent.”

Home Depot Community Captain Gretchen Jankovich said that Courtney contacted her and asked for their help in the construction. They helped Courtney apply for a grant from their parent company, allowing him to gain the necessary materials for the build.

She says that that their simple just “helping a neighbor out”.

“We try to stay in the community and help those veterans out,” Jankovich said “We try to be that neighborhood store, these are all our neighbors, and I think that’s the one thing we would like to get out.’’

Due to this effort, veterans don’t have to allocate its own money toward the repairs.

Construction is estimated to be complete by the end of the week.