Having the chance to celebrate your birthday another year is a gift and to live to see a century is nothing short of a blessing. Corine Rhue Hudson of Georgetown celebrated her 100th birthday Oct 11 at the Howard Center ase friends and family gathered.

Hudson was born in Sampit community of Georgetown on Oct. 11, 1919, to the late Samuel and Susan Thompson Rhue, she is one of eleven siblings and her family said that despite her mother passing away at an early age, her childhood was one of love, trust and spiritual happiness. She was reared by her father and an older sister who assumed the role of caretaker and always relied on the promises of her heavenly father. At 18, she met and married the late Rev. Clifton A. Hudson, Andrews, SC. They were blessed with 16 children and with Rev. Clifton’s four children; their family grew to 20 children. She has been a member of St. Andrews AME church serving on the stewart board, Woman’s Missionary Society, stewardess board and senior choir and member of her church.

Relatives help spearhead the birthday celebration as niece Paquita H. Roberts welcomed friends and relatives and niece Tracy G. Morgan looked into the past in a speech about her grandmother. Morgan said that Hudson has been and is still the spiritual inspiration for their family.

“No one in this room has seen what she has seen, witness what she has witness or contributed to our history as Corine Rhue Hudson has” Morgan said.

She said her grandmother has lived through the years before desegregation and modern technology. She also said that her grandmother taught her children about one important aspect that they should keep with them.

“The one thing that grandma taught her children was to always protect your name because you name is important,” Morgan said “She is truly a miraculous woman of God.”

Ms. Hudson was presented with a resolution from the state by Rep. Carl Anderson in recognition of her milestone..

Hudson is blessed with a big family, including 20 children, 69 grandchildren, 108 great-grandchildren, and 86 great-great-grandchildren.