Emerald Tide

‘Emarald Tide’ by Murrells Inlet artist Chris Doyle. Her Plein Air style of art will be on display during the Atalaya Arts & Craft Festival Sept. 27-19 at Huntington Beach State Park.

Murrells Inlet artist Chris Doyle will be participating as one of the professional artists and artisans in the Atalaya Art & Craft Festival scheduled for September 27-29 at Huntington Beach State Park. Doyle who recently relocated from North Carolina, paints on location in a style known as Plein Air. Doyle’s work is widely held in private and corporate collection such as Campbell’s Soup, International Paper and NIH.

Doyle’s works are currently at their strongest and most provocative stage.

“The task of the Plein Air painter for me, is to act as an interpreter,” Doyle says in her artist’s statement. “My purpose is not to simply replicate the scene. It is to preserve the envelope of the moment so that when the viewer turns their attention to the painting it is like uncorking a fine bottle of wine. It fills their senses and their hearts.

“My purpose is to draw the viewer into an experience where elegant order prevails. So we may recognize where beauty is quietly woven through our day and we appreciate her.”

Chris Doyle Fine Arts will be at Booth 39.

The Atalaya Art & Craft Festival is named for the castle at Huntington Beach State Park where the festival will be held. Simple known as Atalaya, the facility was utilized by sculptor Anna Hyatt Huntington. Completed in 1933, it is reminiscent of a watchtower, which is “atalaya” in Spanish.