Stotler Hayes Group

The Stotler Hayes Group, LLC, held a ribbon cutting July 9 to celebrate their name change and expansion.

Stotler Hayes Group, LLC, formerly Burgeon Legal Group, located at 297 Willbrook Boulevard in Pawleys Island held a ribbon cutting and open house July 9 to mark their name change and expansion.

The group is a trusted resource for national health care providers, assisting with complex collection obstacles, often involving eligibility and recoupment. The firm represents only providers, not individuals, in the areas of Medicaid and Medicare, Receivables and Litigation, Probate and Estates, Guardianships and Conservatorships, Regulatory and Compliance, Consulting and Operational Support, Training and Education.

“We are hands-on. Hearts-in. Guts out. We roll up our sleeves and we fight,” Founder Betsy Stotler stated. “You want us in your corner.”

In 2012, former colleagues Stotler and Kelly Hayes founded Burgeon Legal Group because they were two lawyer-moms who wanted to work at an innovative distributed law firm that balanced, work, life, and clients. They left their respective firms to start their own two-person practice based on their reputation for excellence, expertise and efficiency.

The firm has now grown to include over 40 full-time employees, including over 25 attorneys practicing in nearly thirty states. They are proud to support local businesses and to date have given over $81,000 to national and local charities.

For more information about Stotler Hayes Group, LLC, contact founders Betsy Stotler or Kelly Hayes at (843) 235-9871. The firm’s new website,, is currently off-line but is expected to be up and running soon. Follow Stotler Hayes Group, LLC on Facebook.