The Georgetown County School Board was scheduled vote on changing the way that it conducts its meetings on Sept. 10, but the proposal was tabled until the next board meeting. Board member Richard Kerr who was not present, has not been in favor of changing the board into a committee format.

“I know Mr. Kerr has a big interest in this one (proposal) and he would like for us to do that as well,” Board Chairman Jim Dumm said regarding moving the proposal until the next meeting. “I think some other board members would like to contact other school districts to see exactly how they handled the committees.”

Everyone on the board voted to move the proposal until the school board meeting, except for board member Dr. Michael Cafaro, who has been in favor of the idea.

“I object to it (moving the proposal). I think it is a good concept,” Cafaro said. “I think a lot of other districts do it, not just in South Carolina, but across the country.”

In other business, due to the timing of Hurricane Dorian, the Georgetown County School district was not able to start using its newly implemented eLearning program last week. Due to state law, the district is required to make up at least three of the four days missed last week due to the storm.

At the Sept. 10 school board meeting it was announced that Oct. 25, Jan. 17 and March 20 are the possible eLearning days that will be voted on at next month’s meeting. “Mock days” will be held next week at the schools, in order to get students familiar with the program.

“The kids will pretend to be home and they will access their assignments,” Executive Director of Federal and State Programs Genia Smith said. “They will be able to troubleshoot and communicate with their teachers to ensure on the day that we do have eLearning, there should be no questions at all on how to make this process successful one.”

The school board will have a regular board work session meeting on Sept. 24 at 5:30 p.m. in the board room at the J. B. Beck Administration and Education Center.