School Board

The school board discusses changing its meeting format at the Aug. 20 board meeting.

The Georgetown County School Board could soon change the format of its board meetings.

During the work session meeting Aug. 20, the school board had a discussion about the ways in which they conduct business. Presently, the regular board meeting is on the first Tuesday of each month and the regular board work session meeting is on the third Tuesday.

In the past, the board had one meeting per month, which was held on the second Tuesday. Taking place of the other meeting was a variety of committee meetings such as, Human Resources Building/Construction, Referendum, Academics and Finance.

At last month’s meeting, board member Dr. Michael Cafaro suggested that they look into returning to the committee format of holding meetings.

At the meeting, a sample proposal was given to the board that will break the work session meeting that is presently held on the third Tuesday into two sections. From 5-6 p.m., four committees would meet consisting of Financial, Curriculum and Instruction, Human Resources and Facilities in which two board members would serve on each committee.

The regular board work session meeting would follow after that, which is modeled like some universities.

“I think this is really a good plan to have more of a hands-on approach with our administration to get to know them more,” Cafaro said.

Board member Pat DeLeone said that when she ran for the board, she traveled around to other board meetings and that was the format they used.

“Try it and let’s see if it helps,” DeLeone said.

A few of the school board members said there is not a need right now to change the format of their meetings.

“I feel that if our school district were larger, we might have a need for this,” board member Sarah Elliott said regarding the format.

“Generally the more committees you have, the more meetings you have, the less work you get done,” board member Richard Kerr said.

Other board members agreed with both sides. Chairman Jim Dumm told the members to talk about it and they “could make it an action item for the next meeting and vote it up or down.”

At the meeting it was announced that the school district recently closed on an eight-acre parcel of land located on Martin King Rd. in Pawleys Island that the board approved for back in February. After closing the final price was $379,893.

“Now that the purchase is complete we will begin to start developing a plan to develop that property into what we hope to be a bus lot for the Waccamaw area,” Executive Director of Food Service and Procurement Brent Streett said.

Right now the buses in that area are housed at Waccamaw High School.

“This will help furnish a centralized location for the Pawleys Island area,” Streett said. “In the worse-case scenario in an emergency, it is a little bit of a challenge to get a bus up to Litchfield at the middle school so this will help with that.”

In other business, the board passed second and final reading on a revision of the Student Rights and Responsibilities policy. They had to change in the policy where it said “Deputy Superintendent” because that position does no longer exists. Also, the appeal of a student’s suspension is will drop down to one appeal from two. Expulsion hearings will now be made private, where before parents could request in writing that it be held in public.

Hearings will now take place within “15 days of written notification of the initiation of expulsion hearings,” and the decision will be “rendered within 10 days of the hearing.”

The next scheduled board meeting will be Sept. 10 at 5:30 p.m. in the board room at the J.B. Beck Administration and Education Center.