New information about the armed robbery/burglary that occurred on Nov.8 has been released to South Strand News.

On last Friday night, deputies were dispatched to a house on North Frasier St. in the N. Town section of Georgetown County in reference to an armed robbery. They spoke to the victim, visibly upset and shaken, where she told them what happened.

The victim reports that she came home at night around approx. 11 and walked through the door and put her stuff down in the dining room. She then walked down the hall toward the back bedroom and the unknown assailant exited the bedroom and pushed her down in the hallway with a small handgun pointed at her.

She said that the suspect asked for her bank credit cards, wallet, keys and phone. The suspect told her not to get up. After the suspect left, the victim stayed on the floor, scared, until her son around shortly later.

Reports indicated that the suspect was approx. 5’7-5’8 wearing a black ski mask. Deputies are still investigating this crime. Anyone with information that may help this case is urged to call the Georgetown Sheriff’s Office at 843-545-5102.