Thomas and Moses

Paula Marie Thomas, 54, of Pawleys Island and Miles Moran Moses, 58, of Murrells Inlet

In Pawleys Island, two people were arrested; one being wanted for a string of burglaries and the other for allegedly taking a Georgetown County deputy’s Taser and threatening him during an struggle of a traffic stop.

On Saturday, around 1 p.m., a deputy was on Petigru Drive when he noticed a car swerving off the road. According to the incident report from Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office, the deputy exited their vehicle and approached the car. That’s when he noticed the man exiting the car on the rear passenger side matched the description of 58-year old Miles Moran Moses of Murrells Inlet on Georgetown’s wanted person’s poster.

The deputy advised Moses to stop when Moses tried to flee from the deputy. The deputy “grabbed” and “took him to the ground” where the struggle began, according to the report.

He stated that Moses “continuously pulled away” and “resisted by prying” the deputies hands from his body as he didn’t want handcuffs on him.

At this moment, the driver of the vehicle, identified as 54-year old Paula Marie Thomas of Pawleys Island, got out and “began screaming and approaching” where the deputy was attempting to control Moses, according to the report. Moses was able to allegedly get away and the deputy ordered Moses to get the ground after he tried to run.

Moses yelled and approached the deputy in an “aggressive manner” where the deputy pulled out his Taser from his holster and advised Moses to get on the ground. Thomas allegedly approached the deputy and yelled for him to leave Moses alone. The deputy told Thomas to return to her car and deployed his Taser after “advising loud verbal commands Taser Taser Taser.”

The report states that the Taser failed to make contact with Moses as he was approaching the deputy “in an aggressive manner holding his hands out as if ready to fight.” He deployed the Taser a second time where it failed again to make solid connection. The deputy put the Taser away and tried to put handcuffs on Moses.

At this time, Thomas returned to her car and “drove around to where” the deputy and Moses were struggling. The deputy then had one handcuff on Moses until Thomas allegedly grabbed the deputy’s leg in an attempt to pull him off Moses. When her attempt failed, she grabbed the deputy’s Taser and pointed it at him, according to the report.

The deputy said “the Taser had fallen out of the holster” during his struggle with Moses. He released Moses and drew his service weapon and advised Thomas to put the Taser down.

As Thomas allegedly told Moses to “get in the nearby vehicle,” the deputy holstered his service weapon and “disarmed” Thomas securing his Taser. Moses was in the vehicle and had “locked the door,” the report stated.

Back up soon arrived and Moses was taken out of the vehicle and placed in handcuffs by a Pawleys Island officer and the deputy. Thomas was also placed in handcuffs.

Moses was booked in Georgetown County Detention Center on Saturday on charges of resisting arrest and burglary where his bond was set at $160,000.

Thomas was also booked in the center on charges of aiding escape from custody of officers, hindering police/resist arrest, taking firearm or other weapon from law enforcement officer and assault while resisting arrest/assault on police officer.

Thomas’ bond was set for $30,000 on the escape, resisting arrest and assault charges. No bond set for the weapon charge and both Thomas and Moses remain in the center.