Alex Christian Gregory


A 25-year-old deputy with the Georgetown County Sheriff's Office has been fired following his arrest in Horry County the evening of May 2.

Alex Christian Gregory was arrested by officers with the Horry County Police Department on charges of disorderly conduct and violation of the county's noise ordinance.

Gregory, who lives in the Myrtle Beach area, was acting "belligerent" when officers came to his apartment on Meadowsweet Drive around 6 p.m. on a report of a possible domestic situation, according to an incident report. The report also says alcohol was involved.

The first officer on scene heard screaming coming from Gregory's apartment. When the officer entered the apartment, Gregory was standing in the living room. The officer detained Gregory, who said he was the only person in the apartment. After another officer arrived, the apartment was searched but no one else was found.

In the report, an officer notes that Gregory "became and continued to be very belligerent and disorderly."

Another officer wrote that when he arrived on scene he could hear Gregory using profanity and being uncooperative with other officers. Gregory had been sitting in the back of a patrol car, but he was removed after "head-butting the cage."

People were watching the scene from apartment balconies, so Gregory was again placed in a patrol car. And he head-butted the cage again.

Gregory was placed under arrest, and a police van was requested for transport. As he got into the van, the report says, Gregory was banging his head on the roof rail.

In a press release, the Georgetown County Sheriff's Office said the decision to fire Gregory was made after reviewing the incident report.

"Based on his disorderly behavior his employment as a deputy sheriff has been terminated," the Sheriff Office's said. Gregory was with the department for two years.