Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office is asking residents of the Cypress Creek area, off Prince Creek Parkway near Murrells Inlet, for help identifying any of these three people seen checking car doors at night on a home security system.

If other residents have video of these suspects, please call the sheriff’s office at (843) 546-5102.

Video is becoming an increasingly valuable tool in identifying suspects, and Georgetown County Sheriff Lane Cribb wants to invite residents to participate in a new venture: Video Community Watch.

“Community Watch has been one of the most effective programs ever in encouraging people to get involved in helping law enforcement,” Sheriff Cribb said. “Now, they can be part of its next generation: Video Community Watch.”

Videos like the one accompanying this announcement prove invaluable, but it sometimes takes investigators hours to canvass a neighborhood for surveillance video.

The sheriff is inviting residents with exterior home surveillance to join the new effort. Those on the sheriff’s office list of surveillance cameras would be contacted in the event of a crime in their neighborhood. Call (843) 546-5102 to join Video Community Watch. Your cooperation with law enforcement will help solve – and prevent – property crime in your neighborhoods.