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Snatch and go

A man living in Pawleys Island said his ex-boyfriend, who he hadn't seen in several weeks, showed up at his front door around 4 a.m. The man invited his ex inside in, but an argument started when the ex heard the man on the phone with someone. The man said his ex "snatched" his phone from his hand and took off running down the driveway. A chase ensued, and the man caught his ex in the parking lot of a credit union. There was fight, and the ex took off while the man went to a nearby hotel to call police.

The ex-boyfriend had an outstanding warrant, so deputies searched the man's residence, but the ex was not there. The man completed a victim's form and said he wanted to press charges. 


A woman living in a storage unit in Pawleys Island told a deputy her boyfriend hit her. The woman had texted a friend to call 911. When the deputy arrived at the storage facility, he needed a code to access the property. He found the storage unit -- the door was open and the woman and boyfriend were inside. The deputy knew both people from previous encounters. The woman was crying and said her boyfriend hit her in the face. She wanted him to leave, she told deputies.

Neither person had visible injuries, but the woman wanted to press charges -- the report says both people were intoxicated. The boyfriend was arrested on a charge of third degree domestic violence. While deputies were talking to the woman, the boyfriend, in the back of a patrol car, tried to kick out a window. He was taken out of the car and his legs were restrained.

The woman completed a victim's form. The man was booked into the county jail.

Girl talk

A father told a deputy this daughter was threatened by a student at middle school. The daughter said she was in class when she received a Snapchat message (on her cell phone) from another girl saying to meet in the bathroom at a specified time to fight. The daughter said she did not respond to the message. But her friends later told her the other girl said if she did not meet in the bathroom to fight then the girl would come to her house and beat her up. Near the end of the school day, both girls were called to the principal's office regarding the situation. The daughter said they were suspended for planning to fight.

A witness told the deputy the other girl asked him for the daughter's home address and said she would go there, beat up and stab the daughter. The boy said he didn't give any information to the girl. The father said he wanted to press charges because he couldn't tolerate the threat about stabbing. He also said he planned to speak with the school's principal because he didn't understand why his daughter was suspended. 

The deputy planned to contact the other girl to get her side of the story.

So fresh

A deputy was sent to an address on Highway 521 outside of Andrews on a report of a vehicle break-in. At the scene, the Highway Patrol had a man detained. The witness arrived and said the man stole an air freshener from her car. The car was parked outside her house, and people saw the man inside the car. They yelled, "What are you doing?" and then the man got out of the car and started to walk away. One of the witnesses saw the man put something in his pocket. They called police. The man was stopped by a state trooper while he was walking along the road. Officers searched the man and found the air freshener. He was taken to jail.

Compiled by David Purtell from reports from the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office.