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Common occurrence

At a property off Highmarket Street outside Georgetown, a man said two batteries were stolen from his trackhoe. He said a driver dumping a rock load left the gate to the yard unlocked. Over the weekend, he said, someone must have taken the batteries. 

The man said he's had batteries stolen in the past, once over Thanksgiving and again this past Christmas. The only entrances to the property are through the gate or the woods.

He doesn't have any cameras on the property, the man said, adding the total value of the batteries is $500. 

Pills lost

A deputy patrolling in the North Town section of the county received a call about a woman he had previously arrested. The woman lives in the Andrews area and claimed medication was stolen from her home the night she was arrested. She told the deputy she knew her grandson's Adderall was in a cabinet that; she'd gone to Walmart with her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend, who both returned to the residence before the woman was arrested around 3:30 a.m. for driving with a suspended license.

The woman said after she was released from jail, she went home and the medication was gone. She could not find it in her home. She questioned her daughter's boyfriend about the missing pills because she'd been told he sold drugs. She said he started to act "suspicious." The woman said she couldn't prove the boyfriend took the pills, but her son's doctor said she needed to file a police report before he could issue another prescription.

Mad mother

In Pawleys Island, a woman told a deputy her mother threatened her. The woman said she and her mom have been having issues for two weeks, ever since her father went to jail over a domestic situation.

The woman said her mother had been taken to the hospital, and when she was released she called the daughter around 9 a.m. to say she'd be coming home to collect her belongings. Around noon, the mom called again and said she's on her way and is going to kill the daughter and father for what they've put her through. 

The mom arrived home around 3 p.m. and gathered her things. As she was leaving, the mother backed into the car belonging to the daughter of the woman -- leaving a dent. The woman wanted to press charges for the threat, but her daughter didn't want to pursue charges for damage to the car.

Left unlocked

A man said his car was stolen in Pawleys Island. He said he went out to the parking lot of his residence around 11:40 p.m. and noticed his 2008 Ford Escape XLT, silver in color, was missing. The vehicle has a New York license plate. The man said the last time he saw vehicle was around 5 p.m. that day, Jan. 18.

The man said he believes he left the car unlocked with the keys inside. A victim's form was filled out.

Dropped call

A woman said her cell phone was stolen late one night while she was at a bar in Murrells Inlet. A deputy met the owner of the bar to watch security footage. The video showed the woman going into a bathroom at the bar -- she said she must have dropped her phone. Another woman then picks up the phone and sits at a table with her husband and friends. She places the phone on the table, and then one of the men at the table leaves. Another man at the table takes the phone before everyone at the table leaves.

The victim said she realized she'd dropped the phone as soon as she left the bathroom. The phone, a Samsung Note S9, is valued at $1,000, the woman said, adding the phone was in a leather case that also contained her credit cards, $300 in cash and her driver's license. 

She said her phone pinged in the area of a nearby restaurant around the same time the suspects left the bar. The victim posted a photo of the suspects to Facebook, and the deputy was able to confirm the identity of one of them.

The deputy planed to interview the suspects, who may live in Georgetown.

Eggs over easy

A Murrells Inlet man reported someone had put eggs in his mailbox. The man said the incident is part of an ongoing problem with the suspect. He and his neighbors have filed multiple police reports regarding the suspect, he said.

The man said his neighbor checks his mail while he is out of town. The neighbor called and said someone had put eggs in the mailbox. The neighbor said that while cleaning out the mailbox, she thought she saw the suspect driving down the road. The man said another neighbor had filmed a previous incident involving the suspect. The man also said he found the suspect, a woman in her 60s, on Facebook.

The man said he doesn't know why the suspect keeps vandalizing buildings in the neighborhood, but he is tired of it and wants to press charges. The neighbor who found the eggs said her tires had been slashed by the suspect. She also said she doesn't know the suspect or why she keeps harassing the neighborhood. The neighbor said she thinks the suspect's car is a Camry with Pennsylvania tags.

A patrol watch was set for the neighborhood. The deputy was able to find the suspect's vehicle using DMV records. A cross-reference of driver's license information came up with an address in Surfside Beach. The deputy planned to have Surfside Police contact the suspect and tell her to get in touch with the deputy. The deputy would have the witnesses look at a photo lineup to see if they could identify the woman.

Compiled by David Purtell from reports from the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office.