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Lost and found

A deputy met with a man at the Santee Cooper generating station off Pennyroyal Road regarding a breach of trust. The man said that a few days prior, the suspect — a woman — dropped him at work at 6:30 a.m. in his truck, a Ford F-150. The man said he and the woman had an agreement that she would pick him up at 3:30 p.m. that same day. She didn't show up, the man said, and didn't answer when he called her. 

The man said he spoke with the woman two days later, and she said she'd been arrested in Manning and had just now gotten out of jail. But he didn't hear from her again for another day.

The deputy spoke with the man the following day, and he said his truck had been returned and he didn't want to press charges.

Wrong place, wrong time

A deputy was patrolling at night on North Fraser Road near Choppee Road when he a noticed GMC Arcadia traveling south. When the deputy passed the car, he could smell marijuana. So he turned his car around and followed the Arcadia. He could still smell the odor, so he pulled over the vehicle. 

When asked, the driver said he didn't have any marijuana in the car and said the deputy could search the vehicle. The deputy detained the man, who had an ID card but not a driver's license — dispatch said the man's license was suspended for failure to pay traffic tickets.

The man was arrested for driving while suspended. No drugs were found in the car, and it was towed.

Marked up

A woman living in the Pee Dee area of the county told a deputy that someone came into her yard and damaged her car and water hose. She said she went to bed around 11 the previous night, and when she woke up around 7 a.m. she found the damage. The hose had a cut in it and was spraying water. The vehicle, a Lincoln town car, had marks from a Magic marker as well as deep scratches. The woman said she has no idea who would've done the damage.

Photos of the damage were taken for evidence, and a victim's form was completed.

Case closed

A man said his cellphone may have been stolen from a laundromat in Pawleys Island. The man said he was doing his laundry at night when he went outside to his car. He noticed he'd left his phone on the table in the laundromat and went inside to retrieve it, but the phone was gone. The next morning, the man spoke with the laundromat's manager and asked to have a deputy watch the surveillance footage.

The deputy met with the manager to watch the video. The victim is seen setting his phone down on a table before walking outside. Two people, a juvenile male and an adult man, walk into the laundromat and load washing machines. Then, the juvenile walks to the table, picks up the phone and then sets it down. Next, the man goes to the table, picks up the phone and then walks over to the juvenile. The two then walk out of the building with the man in possession of the phone.

The victim was able to use an app to track his phone to the Baskerville community in Pawleys Island. The phone pinged to a housing complex. The deputy found the exact building the phone was in. The juvenile was there and admitted they took the phone.

The deputy took the phone back to the victim, who said he didn't want to press charges.

Compiled by David Purtell from reports from the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office.