3V Sigma

3V Sigma had no comment on the $300,000 worth of chemicals reported stolen in June.

On June 13, 3V Sigma USA in Pawleys Island was robbed of $300,000 worth of chemicals.

The “grand larceny” was not reported until June 18. Video surveillance shows two individuals accessing the property from the Sampit River between 12pm and 1pm and removing four 100 pound drums that contained a chemical called palladium.

According to the report, the suspects wore clothing that concealed any identifying characteristics.

Palladium is a relatively rare chemical utilized in a variety of applications including electronics, hydrogen purification, fuel cells, catalytic converters and more. Ore deposits of palladium are relatively rare and produced mostly in Russia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

3V Sigma USA declined to make any comment on the larceny or even how their company uses the palladium.

No arrests have been made in this incident as of the publishing of this story.