Police with the Andrews Police Department have a warrant for Joseph Wesley Blake, 28, in connection with a child abandonment case. He is wanted for “unlawful conduct of a child.”

Jamie Lynn Hanna, 23, has been arrested for “unlawful neglect of a child” and was being held in the Georgetown County Detention Center on a $30,000 bond as of the writing of this report.

On June 22, police responded to a call regarding four children walking down a road alone. The children ranged in age from two to seven years of age. The complainant said the oldest child stated they were hungry. Police returned to the residence from which they had come to find no adults present to supervise the children. The home was “in a mess and very little food was in the home” according to police reports. Doors and windows were found to be open and the younger children were in soiled diapers.

Additionally, the seven year old stated she had tried to call Hanna, their mother, the previous day and had not gotten an answer.

Pictures taken by a neighbor and circulated online show one of the children lying on the floor next to human feces.

Hanna told police she had left the children with Blake, who had watched the children before, when she left for work at 8:30 a.m. and did not know they were alone until she was contacted by police that afternoon.

Residents are encouraged to contact the Andrews Police Department at 843-264-5223 with any information.