Andrews police had a busy morning on August 8 managing two separate drug-related incidents.

At approximately 4 a.m., police stopped a vehicle for speeding through the intersection of N. Beech and W. Walnut. The driver of the vehicle was Javon Ladonte Seward, 25 years old, who was allegedly operating the vehicle with a suspended license and without car insurance. Officers decided to search the vehicle before towing it. Police said the search revealed 50 individually wrapped bags of heroin. Before Seward was placed under arrest for the heroin, he handed a bag to the other occupant of the vehicle. Police searched that bag and found two firearms, one of which was a Glock 19 that had been reported stolen from Georgia. Seward was also found to have a rock of crack cocaine on his person, police said.

Seward was released on bail the following day.

At approximately 7 a.m. on August 8, Andrews police witnessed Michael Antonia Rutledge Jr. pull into a McDonald’s parking lot. Although the vehicle was not observed to violate any laws, officers recognized the driver and reported they had “prior knowledge” of the Rutledge’s drivers license being suspended. Officers confirmed the license suspension and witnessed Rutledge exit the vehicle from the driver’s seat. The vehicle was using a license plate not associated with that vehicle and was not insured. A search of the vehicle revealed several open bottles of liquor, two more license plates and a plastic bag filled with 36 pills of ecstasy, police said.

Rutledge’s bail had not been set according to the Georgetown County Detention Center’s website as of press time.