Caitherine Gaither

Owner of Daz Fabrics, Caitherine Gaither has her hands full with fabrics packs and sewing kits with a colorful palette of fabrics in the background.

All textile and fashion lovers along the South Strand have a new place to shop as a Pawleys Island woman has all of your home decor fabrics right in your neighborhood.

For six weeks now, the doors of Daz Fabrics have been opened to those who have an interest in fabric and quilting designs. However, the story of how this store came to be, according to owner Catherine Gaither was an evolving process.

Gaither moved from Pennsylvania to Pawleys Island around three years ago and saw the vacant spaces in the storefronts. She was then inspired to start her company from the takeoff of Facebook Live.

“I thought what if I could help some of the stores by going on this live show and helping them by having a live show in their store and help sell some of their products,” Gaither said.

She said that there was money in it for the other stores but not for her. She received some help from her sister, who encouraged her to run her own show online. Due to the distance of the two sisters, Gaither started in her shed and in May 2019, she started the live show, Daz Fabrics.

Daz Fabrics is an online Facebook Quilt show showing quality fabrics, patterns and precuts. Being an interior designer, she said that the plan was to open the store a few times during the year but soon changed after she saw how people kept coming back to her store.

“We were originally going to open to the public four times a year, like once a quarter, and that didn’t work,” Gaither said.

After a huge demand,she said that they decided instead of just a live show, that they were going to open a physical store on Professional Lane so that people could come in anytime they want.

Employee Kelly Tatum said that when people come into their store they are surprised by the sheer amount of fabrics that are in the store.

“I don’t think their thinking that it’s going to be as much as we have because when they walk in they amazed,” Tatum said.

Gaither said that one family even drove three hours from Columbia to get to her store because of the unique pattern, styles and designs for everyone to interact with than other stores. On her live show, shown on Tuesdays night at 8 p.m., Gaither sells and interacts with people online to pick out a fabric.

“We really want to be a welcome wagon and everybody just come and go and no high pressure or anything like that,” Gaither said.

From her expansion, they have three shows; Daz Fabrics, the storefront and the place where they sell the products, Fab Talk Live, an interactive show in getting people to pick out the fabric and Fab Talk TV.

Gaither said that she is still trying to get Fab Talk TV running and that the talk show is focused on interviewing people in the industry and will be uploaded as soon as possible. She said that they are developing a subscription for customers and others.

Daz Fabrics is located at 121B Professional Lane, located behind Bistro 217 in Pawleys Island.