1 25 Years Ago, 1895

A party of gentlemen are in the city looking up a suitable mill site. They want to purchase round light wood and saw it up into kindling wood for shipment to Liverpool. They will find no better place for the establishment of such an enterprise than Georgetown, as there are quantities of hard pine and light wood in this section.

Everything in port is hustling with a fine weeks’ work. Business is rapidly improving. Besides all this shipping in port, there are some six or eight large vessels bound here to carry away cargoes of naval stores, lumber and cross ties. Two of Clydes’ ships have sailed here this week with cargoes, the South Portland on Tuesday and the Croation yesterday, all which proves that our commerce is steadily growing.

100 Years Ago, 1920

Death of Prominent Lady — The numerous relatives and friends of Mrs. S.B. Harrell were saddened and surprised to learn of her death on Wednesday morning, January 14th. The deceased passed away after a brief illness at the residence of Capt. H.T. McDonald, where she had made her home for many years. She is survived by two sons, who were present at the time of her death. The interment took place at the old family burial ground near Sampit, in the Oak Grove section.

You can’t judge the size of a man’s purse by the model of his automobile... Using automobiles as a deadly weapon is much too common... In these days of meat scarcity, the wolf is afraid to come to the door... There is a skeleton in many a cold storage plant.

75 Years Ago, 1945

Time Tattles by I.D. Clare –The FBI and OPA (Office of Price Administration) agents’ investigations in town recently have been causing much uneasiness. However, no warrants have been sworn out. Gas and sugar coupons and tire registration certificates were investigated.

A motorist hit what remained of the Confederate monument on Broad Street last Friday night, putting a large hole in the base and toppling the second section to the street. The driver declared he had on new shoes and his foot slipped off the brakes when he rounded the corner. Another motorist, some years ago, hit the monument one rainy night and toppled the Confederate soldier and destroyed it. It is reported that it will be replaced when the government restrictions on metal are lifted.

50 Years Ago, 1970

The body of a Marine navigator-radar operator, who bailed out of a F-4 Phantom jet over Georgetown County in early December, was found Tuesday shrouded in a parachute at Cain Island by duck hunters. Coast Guardsmen from the North Island Lighthouse recovered the body and brought it to Georgetown late Tuesday. Captain Donald Reynolds of Elk Grove Illinois ejected somewhere near the Santee River Delta from the marine aircraft on a training flight when the jet malfunctioned and was plummeting earthward with the pilot blacked out. The pilot recovered and made an emergency landing at Myrtle Beach AFB.

A three-day cold wave that froze Georgetown County in a near-record temperature dip took the life of an elderly woman Thursday night. Temperatures dropped steadily last week with highs of 31 and lows of 13 degrees. Water pumps froze at many rural homes. Creeks and marshlands were iced in many parts of the county. Hunters reported a film of ice in the Pee Dee River, an event that seldom happens. On the Sampit River, the water was iced over from the river bank to the sides of anchored shrimp boats.

25 Years Ago, 1995

A shouting match erupted Monday night during a Pawleys Island Town Council meeting over the lack of public hearing before final approval of the Prince George Tract. At one point. Mayor Julian Kelly stood up, shouted and waved his arms. One island resident told council that having a public hearing before the second reading was an option, since the annexation had changed the geography of the island.

Members of the African American History Observances Committee will hold their Annual Martin Luther King Celebration Sunday at the Dreamkeeper’s Center on Gilbert Street. The featured speaker will be state Rep. Theodore Brown, D-Georgetown. A documentary film honoring King and the Civil Rights movement will be shown. In Andrews, a march and rally will be held to observe King’s birthday.

Compiled by Elizabeth Huntsinger from the Georgetown Times archives.