Toomey's Kids

Special education students in both Georgetown and Horry counties will benefit after a donation of nearly $30,000 was made by Toomey’s Kids to area teachers at a recent luncheon held in Murrells Inlet.

Toomey’s Kids is a nonprofit that supports 51 special education teachers at 30 schools across the two counties.

In addition to awarding grant money to special education teachers, Toomey’s Kids hosts dances, field trips and outings for fishing or bowling and lunch for teachers, students and teacher’s aides.

Toomey’s Kids is a 501©(3) charity supported by the United Way, and people who make donations to the United Way can designate that the money go to Toomey’s Kids.

The special needs children it supports exhibit many different disabilities, including autism, downs syndrome, cerebral palsy, blind, deaf, seizure disorders, wheelchair bound, etc. These children are in specialized self-contained classrooms and often do not receive from the school system as much outside support and socialization opportunities as the main stream classes.

Special children have special needs.

Toomey’s Kids is a totally volunteer organization with no paid employees or consultants.