MTP 2040

The SC Department of Transportation wants your opinion to help draft a plan for addressing transportation issues in the future.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation is updating the Long Range Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan to address South Carolina’s growing transportation needs. The plan looks to address transportation concerns through 2040.

In order to get public feedback, they have created a project entitled “Drive Our Future” in order to get public opinion on the transportation-related issues that are most important. The project utilizes an online survey to find out what issues are most important to South Carolina residents as well as how you think they should be managed. The online survey is interactive, colorful and easy to use.

There are five sections to the survey which includes a “Welcome” page. Participants can rank eight predetermined categories in order from most important to least important in the “Priority Ranking” section. Issues include:

• Safe roads

• Freight movement

• Transit

• Repaving

• Sidewalks and bike paths

• Daily maintenance

• Congestion reduction

• Repairing bridges

Other sections include “Tradeoffs” where you can select your preference between options for addressing specific issues, “Budget Allocation” which allows you to spend 100 coins across the eight sections and a “Wrap Up” section which gets some basic information about the survey participant. The requested information in the Wrap Up section is general and does not allow for individual identification.

The survey could be completed in 5 to 10 minutes.

Interested residents can access the survey and get more information by visiting