Waccamaw Intermediate School recently announced that on Friday, January 10, 2020, Maisie Davis became the 12th annual Scripts Sun News Spelling Bee school winner. Maisie is a 6th grader in Mrs. Nicole Zeller’s classroom. Maisie is an avid reader, researcher, and writer, therefore spelling is a natural talent as well. Maisie calmly competed against her peers in 12 rounds of competition (14 including the finals).

She will now go on to compete against winners in each school in Horry and Georgetown Counties at the Regional Spelling Bee in Myrtle Beach this March.

The winner of that competition will advance to the National Finals in Washington, DC. This is Miss Davis’ 2nd victory at Waccamaw Intermediate, in addition to multiple victories in private school as well.

The runner up was Caroline Fischer, a 5th grader in Mrs. Gallup’s class. Other participants included:

6th Graders Jaden Gore (2nd runner up), Reed Gallup, Nolan Scott, Lee McCarthy, L.J. Edwards, Lillian Grant, and Emerald Roberts; 5th Graders Sam Miller, Darla Daigle, Statler Dakamas, Madison Ownby, and Lauren Ratz; and 4th Graders Harper Steel, Bennett Blair, Mackenzie Merritt, Mailey Church, Jacob Green, Avery Caroline Fleming, and Jackson Wildes. Each student did a phenomenal job, not just on stage in the school competition, but in their classroom competitions as well.

Congratulations to all of the competitors, but especially Miss Maisie Davis as she will represent WIS well.