singing christmas tree 2018

The 82 vocalists in the tree were joined in the program by 26 live actors and 12 more in several video segments of the production.

The First Baptist Church of Georgetown will be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of its annual Singing Christmas Tree this year and preparations are being made.

The Kick-Off Dinner for the 2019 production is Wednesday, Aug. 14 at 6 p.m. in the First Baptist Fellowship Hall. Anyone in the community high school age or older is invited to participate. Make reservations by calling the church office at 843-546-5187 or email by Sunday, Aug. 11.

Rehearsals will be for one hour on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. beginning Aug. 21, plus there is a monthly rehearsal Sunday evenings (dates to be announced). Participants must be able to attend at least 75 percent of rehearsals and to sing in all six of the presentations, which will be Friday through Monday, Dec. 13-16.

“Last year, we had 80 persons in the Tree Choir; this year, we would love to have at least that many persons,” said Rev. Holmes. “Our dream goal is to have 100! The Singing Christmas Tree is our church’s gift to the community, and we would like for persons from all across Georgetown County and beyond to join us.” The Tree provides an exciting opportunity for a church choir of any size to sing in a large-scale presentation. “It would be wonderful to have entire choirs from various churches get involved and make the Singing Christmas Tree a part of their own church‘s celebration of the Christmas season.”

“This year’s program will feature great arrangements songs that have become Christmas standards in recent years to proclaim the joyous good news of the coming of the Son of God in human form,” sai Holmes. “Of course, it all centers around Jesus Christ and the always-amazing story of His miraculous birth.”

About 3,000 persons from across the region attend the Singing Christmas Tree each year, making it the largest annual Christian outreach event in Georgetown County. “Each year, we try to share the message of Christmas from a different perspective, combining music, drama, and lighting to enhance the Biblical story, but always with a clear presentation of the Gospel,” says Rev. Holmes. “While the choir and the music are the focus, there are dozens of areas people can be involved.”

This is a church-wide project, involving over 200 volunteers. It is also a community event; nearly half the people singing not being members of First Baptist. In addition, businesses support the Tree by allowing posters to be hung in their windows and/or by donating or giving discounts on supplies needed to produce the Tree.

Free tickets for this year’s Singing Christmas Tree will be available in mid-November, but now is the time to sign up if you would like to sing. “We don’t turn anyone away who would like to participate, but we do ask that new members make an appointment to come by for a vocal interview, which is not an audition,” said Rev. Holmes. “We want to make sure singers are put in a choral section where they are most comfortable and can be successful.” The last day to join the Singing Christmas Tree Choir is Wednesday, Sept. 11.

To make reservations for the Kick-Off Dinner or information about the Signing Christmas Tree, call 843-546-5187, email, or go to