COLUMBIA,SC- Governor Henry McMaster has ordered the closing of all non-essential businesses are to be closed effective April 1.

These nonessential businesses include but not limited to gyms, nights clubs, theaters, performing art centers, tourist attraction, spas, indoor children play areas(not including daycare), swimming pools, barbershops, studios, tanning studios, massage services, etc.

He stated that the order usually lasts up to 15 days but can last longer "if the condition changes."

According to McMaster, flights coming into South Carolina are down 90% in some parts of the state and most traffic on roads decreased.

While the governor has issued this order, many have question why the governor does not order a stay at home order like other states.

"We've had a lot of great cooperation across the state and in some places there have been a lack of understanding of the seriousness of this and that's why we are moving forward," he said about the timing of the order.

Gov. McMaster said the order comes "based on the science, the facts, recommendations and advice of the experts in the field." However, because some people have not taken the issue seriously, they have to close issue the order. 

"A lot of businesses have taken upon themselves to close for a number of reasons," he said. "We whittled it down to where we thought we can get the biggest impact with the least disruption. We know it's disruption for a lot of people. In our approach, we want to maximize our efforts aggressively against the disease." 

Many nonessential businesses have closed their doors in Georgetown, such as barbershops and salons, to limit exposure of the virus to customers and staff.

DHEC reported 158 new cases today with Georgetown County reporting two new cases today, bringing the county total to 13.