Financial reports from certified public accountants during the Town of Andrews monthly council meeting validated the numbers are good and much more positive for the town.

Following the approval of the minutes from the August meeting, Brenda Jackson, CPA, presented a quick over view that pointed out the budget, which included renovations in the town hall building, as well as the fire and police departments, were standard and within range.

Representing Certified Public Accountants firm Love Bailey, CPA Gary Bailey, said the town is going in a positive direction from 2015-2018. “I want to let you know what an audit is and what it is not,” he said. “We are just looking at the numbers, we can’t tell you what to charge your water and sewer customers. We are brought in to issue an opinion on your numbers.”

Bailey recommended the town continue using the services it has in place. He explained the company issues an opinion as it assesses risks. “The good news is we were able to give you a clean opinion for all four years, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018,” he said. He went over some numbers and indicated the balance sheet has been growing, the town’s revenues have increased and been fairly consistent over the last four years. He said the town is operating more efficiently.

“On the revenue side, you’ve increased some revenue and seen revenue come in,” Bailey said. “You’ve seen the revenue go from $1.1 million to $1.5 million in total revenue.”

“The trend is much more positive,” Bailey said. “I think your current administration and the financial side of things are working very well.”

Mayor McClary read the ordinance for new business, Number 2019-08: An Ordinance Prohibiting Adult Entertainment Establishments and said it has been reviewed by the town attorney, Eleazer Carter.

It is the purpose of the first draft of this ordinance to establish reasonable and uniform regulations to adopt and regulate adult entertainment in Andrews. Carter said the limitations are reasonable and fair and the first draft was approved.

Town Administrator Mauretta Dorsey read

Resolution Number 2019-03 which provides for the economic development grant of Andrews. The resolution calls for Andrews to provide a local cash match of at least $1,250 which equals the minimum 5% required by the Municipal Association of South Carolina to support the town of Andrews application for a $25,000 development grant.

The town council approved both resolutions.