Poll Stay at home order

Georgetown County citizens expresses their opinion on if South Carolina should be a ‘Stay at Home’ state in our newest poll. As of Wednesday, 17 states have ordered people to remain at home out of the public, most of those are states with Democratic governors. Only Ohio, Indiana, Massachusetts and West Virginia have Republican governors.

According to the poll, about 78.5 percent believe that SC should be order citizens to stay-at-home while 21.5 percent believes it shouldn’t.

Some residents believe that in order to stop or limit the spread of the coronavirus, SC residents need to stay at home out of the public to flatten the curve. They believe that based on the rising number of cases in the palmetto state, this is the only way to “slow things down” or “slow the spread”. They also believe that by doing so will protect other families and those with medical conditions.

Some believe that the reason SC will not mandate the order is because it is tourism spot and believe that tourism is “more important” than any other needs.

Others believe that SC shouldn’t order people to stay home because the state is not experiencing major outbreaks like other states such as New York and California and believe that the government shouldn’t mandate them but feel that it should be “voluntary.” Some even said that they feel SC is “better off” than other places.

A stay at home ordinance was passed on Tuesday night in Charleston County and on Wednesday, lawmakers are urging Gov. McMaster to give a statewide ‘stay at home’ order. As of Wednesday morning, seven people have died in SC due to the coronavirus, with the state now at 342 confirmed cases across 38 of 46 counties.