It was a night to remember Feb. 25 at Brown’s Ferry Elementary School for parents, staff and students. February is Black History Month and to honor the month, the elementary school had a program entitled, “I am My Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams.”

Brown’s Ferry Principal Tawanna Grant said that the teachers worked with the students for the majority of February to do research for the performance and can tell it was worth the wait.

“This is their strength,” Principal Grant said. “The kids were able to learn about their trait and trailblazers. The title fits it all.”

She said that the title was chosen for the school’s black history program this year for students to not only learn about their heritage but to help set their future plans.

The program had grades pre-k through fifth grade speaking poems, singing and performing live-historical figures in black culture. The fourth grade entranced the audience with the poem named after the program “I am My Ancestors” Wildest Dreams’ followed by students giving facts about civil rights leader and activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

After the kindergarten class sang about Dr. King, the first graders presented “Black Made That” showing black inventors that revolutionize inventions through history. The class held up pictures of figures including Jerry Lawson, who helped pioneer home video games in the 1970s; Lonnie Johnson, who invented the super soaker in the 1980s and Lewis Latimer who invented the carbon light bulb filament in 1881.

In a touching segment of the program, the fourth graders performed “Dear Basketball,” a Kobe Bryant tribute in honor of the late Lakers basketball player and his daughter Gianna.

The audience was also touched by a collaborative song by the third, fourth and fifth graders singing Michael Jackson’s ‘Heal the World’. After some more black selections from the 2nd grade and 3rd grade girls, the young ladies enjoyed the fifth-grade boys’ performance of New Edition’s “Candy Girls.”

The students along with the audience ended the program singing the Negro National Anthem “Lift Every Voice and Sing.”