Veterans, cancer survivors, lupus survivors, and other “life war” survivors were among those honored in a celebration of dance, drill squad performances and tributes at the Jerusalem MBEA Center in Andrews on Nov. 8.

Moderator Dr. D. L. Grant Sr. led off by speaking of how everyone “comes together to worship and praise with no distraction.”

He then introduced Pastor Jason Coakley, president of the Youth Convention.

Part of the worship experience,“Heroes of Our Time 2019,” focused on veterans and cancer survivors or any life survivor, “we are giving praise to God.”

“We thank God for survivors,” Coakley said.

He also presented the basketball champion Mt. Carmel United team, with a trophy.

Coakley also introduced the national award-winning drill squad, Radical for Christ. The squad performed for the audience, saying, “I live, I pray and I worship.”

Members of the St. Peter’s and St. Philip’s congregations and others participated in the open mic portion of the youth convention.

Coakley called attention to the Premier Drum Line tribute, under the direction of Mr. Stephen Grant. He said the tribute was dedicated to Lisa Grate.

He told how she informed him she was diagnosed with cancer, but “I don’t want nobody to take my position as the vice president of the youth convention. I want to work until I can’t work anymore.”

He gave her with a metal rose, saying, “this will never wilt or never decay.”

“God is doing great things,” Coakley said.