More than three decades after it was chartered on May 8, 1986, the Georgetown Breakfast Rotary Club has become an evening organization.

The meetings are moving to 6 p.m. on Mondays and will continue to be held at the Wedgefield Manor House.

“We wanted to make the club more accessible to more people,” said J.B. Jolly, the organization’s service projects chairman.

Already the change has sparked some success. Four people have applied for memberships and one former member has requested reinstatement, Jolly said.

The Breakfast Rotary Club, itself a spinoff from the Lunch Rotary Club, had been meeting at the Manor House since Beef O’Brady’s closed a little more than a year ago.

“A lot of working people couldn’t make the Tuesday lunch meetings, so we thought we would offer them the morning alternative,” said Kevin Plexico, who, like Jolly, is a past president of the club.

Jolly said that the community projects and group activities will continue, including honoring Georgetown High School career education students with a certificate and gift card -- in February, Alyssa Gaskins and Hannah Smith Dickerson were honored. 

Dr. Aixa Rodriguez-Mariani of Healthy Learners gained a spot in club history as the last speaker of the Georgetown Breakfast Rotary Club on Feb. 26.

An outreach program of the Sisters of Charity, Healthy Learners helps qualified students get health care, including vision and dental services, and more importantly, Rodriquez-Mariani said, ensures the students get to their health care appointments by transporting them during school hours.

“Last year, we helped more than 210 students with more than 1,000 services,” Rodriguez-Mariani said, “and this year we are on a pace to exceed that by 10 percent.”