Kelvin Waites

Georgetown Police Chief Kelvin Waites says self-defense is an important tool local girls should not leave home without.

Graduation from high school is undoubtedly a hallmark event in the life of the student as well as the parent. It has consisted of years of education from arithmetic to zoology. However, there is usually a gap in the preparation of these young adults and the Georgetown Police Department wants to make sure the area’s young women do not move on to the next stage of life without some important lessons.

The Georgetown Police Department and the Westend Citizens Council are working together to provide a free self-defense class for female members of the graduating class of 2019 on July 11.

High school graduation usually marks the first time that many young women find themselves on their own without the guidance and protection of parents. While this is an exciting moment of independence and adventure, it can also be intimidating and dangerous. This course is designed to provide young women with some extra tools that can prove invaluable in the “real world” from identity theft to physical altercations.

Chief of Police, Kelvin Waites, says the course will be broken into two parts. The first will consist of education on protecting oneself in the virtual world in areas such as identify theft, credit scams and social media. The second will consist of “strikes and blows” and focus on providing hands-on work in defending yourself from a physical attacker.

The course will be taught by a certified self-defense instructor.

This free community service will take place on July 11 at the Georgetown Police Department from 6-8pm. Please register in advance by contacting Chanda Robinson at 843-545-4375.