Over the summer, a group of young videographers from Georgetown Library gathered kids of all ages to star in a space-themed video celebrating reading.

They entered the video in the national CSLP Teen Video Challenge – and they won!

“Sticking with the space theme, I can tell you we’re over the moon!” reported Heather Pelham, the librarian who teaches video classes at the libraries. “They had so much fun shooting the video, and our volunteer actors – local kids ranging from ages 5 to 18 — all showed fantastic acting skills.”

The video follows a group of children who form a space club at the Georgetown Library when they’re young. As they age, the Space Club keeps going strong, and eventually, the kids successfully nominate a teen astronaut for a trip to a newly discovered planet – Goldilocks I. Morgan Park served as the alien planet, after the kids applied a few special effects during editing.

The finished video was submitted to the Collaborative Summer Library Program, which judged entries from every state in the nation. This was the most highly entered contest yet, with five entries from South Carolina alone. Ultimately, Georgetown and four other libraries, from New Jersey, Florida, Colorado, and Tennessee, won the grand prize. The kids get a cash award, and the library gets summer reading materials for next year’s program.

The video was produced by Hannah and Rachel Dozier, with shooting and editing help from Harper and Green Chapman. Acting in the video were CJ Baker, Will Dozier, Allison Moran, Efren Moran, Alex Pelham, Rowan Pelham, Harrison Pelham, Kimberly Lippert, Benjamin Taylor, Jonah Thomas and Lilly Thomas.

To watch their winning video, go to YouTube at https://youtu.be/DfTVe-TatsI.