Down in the Browns Ferry community, residents line up for miles to get a free turkey before Thanksgiving holidays on Nov.26.

The Geathers Family served up free turkeys for its 34th annual turkey giveaway to the community at Browns Ferry Motors on Johnson Road, about a mile from Browns Ferry Elementary school.

The business, owned by Robert Geathers Sr., was the perfect spot to hold their annual giveaway as more than 300 families came out and occupied the parkway.

Robert Geathers Jr., a former defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL, said that every year the amount of turkeys goes up with last year it being 350 birds, now this year they had some 380 turkeys give out.

Families far and wide have been coming to this giveaway for years to receive a free turkey.

For 98-year old Ollie Bell Grate, it is a blessing.

Grate has been out to the event since the family started the giveaway for the holidays before her birthday on Dec. 25, Christmas Day where she will be 99 years old.

Vernett Rice, daughter of Grate, says that it is a blessing to live to such a long life with “family, food and friends.”

“For her birthday and Christmas, we all gather at her home and have a big feast” Rice said.

Robert Geathers Sr., former NFL defensive lineman nd a 1981 draft pick, welcomed family and friends and invited to not be shy as his family and volunteers handed off turkeys.

Geathers Jr. said that they do this event every year to show a token of love and kindness to a community that has done so much for them.

“This is our community. We love our community and people make the community and we don’t forget that,” Geathers Jr. said.

“We never forget about the people at home that helped us,” he said