Flooring Plus

Cousins and Co-Owners of Flooring Plus provided teachers with free rugs for their classrooms.

The financial struggle for teachers in America is well documented. Strikes have occurred all over the country. This past May 1, an estimated 10,000 teachers and supporters descended on the statehouse in Columbia to protest.

Diana Tompkins and David McGalliard, cousins and co-owners of Flooring Plus in Murrells Inlet were not content to do nothing.

“We just wanted to do something in the community,” Tompkins said. “Teachers give it their all.”

Tompkins said she had attended a few conferences and heard of other flooring companies donating unsold rugs to local teachers in their communities. That was the lightbulb.

Tompkins and McGalliard announced Flooring Plus would give away rugs for teachers to use in the decorating of their rooms in August. The rugs are just “a little help to help them with their classroom supplies,” Tompkins said. The timing was perfect as many teachers were in the process of heading back to classroom to prepare for students. They estimated to have given away at least 150 rugs to local teachers.

It helps the teachers but also helps Flooring Plus.

“It’s a great way to clear space,” Tompkins said.