Brian Henry will be the new mayor of Pawleys Island.

And likely, but not yet certainly, Guerry Green will retain a seat on the Town Council.

That was the final result of a 45-minute election protest hearing Tuesday morning.

Without getting to the substance of the protest, the Georgetown County Board of Voter Registration and Elections dismissed the action.

Attorney Butch Bowers represented both Henry and Green in the appeal.

He offered a motion to dismiss that the board accepted after a break for legal advice from Georgetown County attorney Wesley Bryant.

Incumbent Mayor Jimmy Braswell and Town Council candidate Josh Ricker each had filed protests of the Thursday, Nov. .7, vote certification.

There were 22 challenged ballots, and the two men and several poll watchers asserted that these voters – including both Henry and Green – are not residents of the Town of Pawleys Island and therefore their ballots should not have been allowed.

The Election Board accepted all of the challenged ballots on Nov. 7 and certified Henry to be the new mayor and for Green to keep the seat on Town Council for a new term.

Bowers noted Nov. 12 that he had filed a motion to dismiss the protest.

Bowers stated that Braswell and Ricker wanted to re-litigate the challenge ballot hearing.

After their executive session, the Board members voted to dismiss the protest.

Will there be further appeals?

Braswell said no, he would not appeal.

Ricker hasn’t decided as yet.

Braswell said he was not going to take the matter to court.

“I hate to see that the Election Commission, they basically ignored a lot of the rules and they’ve opened a Pandora’s Box,” Braswell said.

Ricker expressed surprise at the Board’s action and said he needed time to decide whether to appeal.

He would have to file an appeal within 10 days.

There were a few challenged ballots in the Andrews elections, but they didn’t affect the outcome.

For the City of Georgetown, there were no challenged ballots in th elections.

Here are their certified results:

Andrews Mayor

Frank McClary, 495 *

Terrance Middleton, 100

Write-in, 2

Town Council

Jamie Altman, 372 *

Letha Palmer, 231

Amy Pinckney-Flagler, 373 *

Robert S Stamper II, 298 *

Write-in, 12

City of Georgetown

City Council

Al Joseph, 752 *

Hobson Henry Milton, 612 *

Clarence C Smalls, 652 *

Write-in, 87