Bridge demolition

Old Pee Dee River Bridge to be demolished.

Demolition has begun on the old Great Pee Dee River bridge, according to the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

The demolition comes after SCDOT announced earlier this year that the new bridge connecting Georgetown and Horry counties — The Yauhannah bridge on U.S. Highway 701 over the Great Pee Dee River — was complete.

The first step to dissembling the bridge was to remove the 6-1/2 inch thick concrete deck above the structural steel beams.

Once the steel beams are exposed, crews will torch cut and remove the beams from the bridge piers using a crane. Crews will use an excavator with a hydraulic hammer to demolish the concrete bridge piers.

To remove sections over the water, crews are using marine equipment which includes a crane barge, a deck barge and a 600 HP push boat.