Eric Dozier

Uniting the World One Song at a Time: An interactive program for the community will be held Saturday, February 1, 2020, 5:00-7:00 pm at Conway High School Auditorium, 2301 Church Street. Come prepared to join in the singing! Admission is free. For more information, contact Ginny Kintz: 843-267-8367.

Eric Dozier will take us on a journey through his unique blend of Socially Conscious Soul, Blues, and Spirit Fueled Gospel Music as he shines a light at the crossroads of music and American race relations. He performs songs and discusses key musical figures and themes from the Abolitionists, Civil Rights, labor & anti-war movements, as well as other contemporary voices of change. By the end, participants understand what it means to be an active and creative advocate of diversity and equity imbued with a renewed sense of mission and commitment to being the change they wish to see.

Eric has served as the musical director for the Harlem Gospel Choir, the Children’s Theatre Company of NYC, and has been a featured artist at the United Nations. He travels the world engaging diverse audiences to show the world what unity SOUNDS like.


A native of rural Tennessee, Eric currently serves on the Education Curriculum Development Committee for the forthcoming National Museum of African American Music to be built in Nashville, and has recently launched the Young People's Freedom Song Initiative, a community supported grassroots music education movement. A graduate of Duke University and Duke Divinity School, he is currently pursuing a doctorate at the University of Tasmania researching the effects of Black Gospel Music on communities outside of the Black Church.