The Kaminski House Museum hosted visitors Oct.26 as kids got the chance to enjoy a day for literacy.

The Family Fun and Literacy Day fair was a time for families to spend the day listening to storytellers, crafting Halloween supplies and reading.

Reading and literacy groups set up tents where children could get a free book to take home.

Volunteers for Freedom Readers, an after school reading program, Erica Robinson Scott and Cassandra Jackson came out because they know the importance of literacy.

“We wanted to come out where the community is and let the community know there are places where kids can learn to read and develop their reading skills with Freedom Readers” Scott said. “Storytelling is important. It is a part of the fiber of our culture and it needs to remain in our culture.”

Dressed in her cowgirl costume, storyteller Renee Brown engaged with the children reading her book, “The Big Rig Kids”, about bullying.

Brown, originally from Georgetown and now residing in Charlotte, created Big Rig Kids to advocate educating children and promoting unity.

Brown talked to children about how bullying affects others and had her own children, Madison, Chloe and Destiny, tell a poem about speaking bad and degrading others and encourage them to get along with others.

Storyteller Natalie Daise entertained the children by telling local stories such as the Br’er Rabbit, a famous Gullah story told in the lowcounty, by word and actions. As she told the stories, sounds of gasps and cheers came from the youths as they were engaged in the stories and clapped as she ended the tales.