Brookgreen Gardens

Brookgreen Gardens recently received the American Public Gardens Association’s Award for Garden Excellence.

Brookgreen Gardens received the American Public Gardens Association’s Award for Garden Excellence. President and CEO of Brookgreen Gardens, Page Kiniry, accepted the award at the APGA’s annual conference in Washington, DC in June.

The award, voted on by fellow members of the APGA, recognizes Brookgreen Gardens’ commitment to supporting and demonstrating best gardening practices.

“We are thrilled to receive this award from our peers at the American Public Gardens Association,” says Kiniry. “At Brookgreen we strive to not only preserve the Lowcountry’s native plant species, but also display the most beautiful blooms year-round.”

Brookgreen Gardens’ 250-acre botanical garden contains over 2,000 species of native plants. Archer Huntington and noted sculptor Anna Hyatt Huntington purchased the land in 1930, to build a retreat for the world, and Anna designed the original garden to form the shape of a butterfly.

Now the Brookgreen horticulture staff works to maintain a garden that continues the Huntingtons’ mission to collect, exhibit and preserve the plants of the Southeast, while also showcasing selected exotic species.

The botanical gardens are comprised of several garden exhibits. The Live Oak Allée contains Live Oak trees that were planted in the early 1700s when Brookgreen Gardens’s property was four thriving rice plantations.

The Palmetto Garden in memory of Mary Emily Jackson, named for the use of Sabal palmetto, South Carolina’s state tree, was completed in 1950.

The Fountain of the Muses Garden displays the sculptural group of the same name and takes bold garden design to new heights. The Brenda W. Rosen Carolina Terrace Garden has an array of perennials, roses, shrubs and mature trees.

Brookgreen Gardens blooms year-round. Visitors can enjoy perennial blooms, roses, azaleas, foxgloves and a stunning summer display of multi-hued caladium along the Live Oak Allée during the summer. See a list of what’s in bloom at