Giles and Dr.Thomas

Mary Ruth Giles,left with Dr. Ellis J.Thomas, BC-HIS, CAOHC, after Giles received free hearing aids.

After having hearing problems for most her life, Mary Ruth Giles said it was a blessing to hear properly again thanks to her new hearing aids.

For five years, Giles had worn a hearing aid every day and was upset when it broke. When she took it to get repaired at a company, they told her they could not repair it and that she would have to buy another pair with her insurance. The price of the new hearing aids would have cost Giles over $300, but Giles said it was too high.

“I told them I couldn’t afford to get it,” Giles said.

Another company had reached out to try and sell Giles hearing aids for $400 and she would need no insurance. Giles explained that she could not afford the aids.

“It was hard for me to hear. I would keep asking people to repeat themselves because I couldn’t hear what they were saying to me,” Giles said “I went without hearing aids a long time until I came to Mr. Thomas.”

Dr. Ellis Thomas, Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Science, works with Beltone, a hearing aid company that offers free annual hearing evaluations and hearing care, and has served at the Hearing Aid Center located in Charleston for 40 years. Dr. Thomas routinely comes to Georgetown on Thursdays at Quality Inn to hold free hearing-care screening to residents and got in contact with Giles.

Dr. Thomas and Giles had numerous conversations in which Thomas gave a form to her from their foundation to help Giles.

The Beltone Hearing Care Foundation, a haritable organization, donates hearing instruments to those in need of hearing help who may otherwise be unable to access it.

After waiting, Giles almost thought they had forgotten about her and began to give up hope. However, she was then contacted by Thomas’ office and was told that she had won the sponsorship for the foundation and would receive brand new hearing aids of no charge. Giles said that when she got the hearing aids from Dr. Thomas, she thanked God for being able to hear again after a long time.

“I could do a shout. That was my reaction because it was unbelievable. I know it had to be from God that I was able to get Beltone hearing aids free” Giles said.