Pawleys Town Council didn’t cast its votes yet, but all members reached a consensus Tuesday, Aug. 27, that they would go ahead with a maximum amount of sand for their beach renourishment project.

Previously, Council voted to authorize the long-awaited project of getting sand on the beach. Their OK at the time was for at least 850,000 cubic yards of sand, with a possibility of as much as 1.1 million cubic yards of sand.

In a special meeting called Tuesday afternoon, members heard a lot about costs, timing, how much money to borrow for how long, and when an expected follow-up project would likely be needed.

They liked what they heard.

At the last Town Council meeting, members said they would ask Town Administrator Ryan Fabbri to get more information. He met with several people, including Councilman Rocky Holliday and former Mayor Bill Otis.

Members also wanted to hear from Steve Traynum from CSE (Coastal Science and Engineering) about the engineering aspects of the project. Another presenter was Theodore DuBose of the law firm Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd. He talked about some aspects of financing for part of the Town’s cost of the beach renourishment project. DuBose also talked about draft legislation that he’s circulating to see if the state would authorize the Town of Pawleys Island to begin collecting local property taxes. That is a proposal, with no decision made on that issue.

Marinex Construction Co. of North Charleston will do the dredging work. Fabbri said the expected start date will be Oct. 1.

With the cost of sand beyond a base amount being significantly discounted, Council members and Mayor Braswell offered comments that they believe the Town should go with the maximum authorized project, which would be 1.1 million cubic yards of sand.

Several members noted they had said at their last Council meeting they would gather more information and make a decision on how much sand by the time of the regular Town Council meeting on Monday, Sept. 9 at 5 p.m.

While some property owners were present for the called meeting on Tuesday, members agreed they would hold off a vote until the September meeting. They said they wanted to give people a chance to offer comments about the beach renourishment project. After hearing any comments, Town Council will vote on how much sand to authorize.