Most people celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends but for those who are not fortunate enough or are far away from loved ones, there was a place to go.

Much of the of Georgetown community celebrated Thanksgiving at Aunny’s restaurant on Nov.28.

For the last 11 years, Georgetown restaurateurs Rev. Charles and Andrea “Aunny” Johnson offered a free Thanksgiving meals to anyone didn’t feel like spending Thanksgiving alone or wanted a fresh homestyle meal.

“It’s not just for homelessness people or people down on their luck” said Johnson “It’s for anyone that wants to come out.”

The idea for thanksgiving feast started when years of cooking at her home for friends and family gave Aunny the idea to do the same at her restaurant.

Rev. Charles thought that his wife had lost her mind. He said that they had just opened up in October, a day before the wooden boat show, and she came to him with the idea to host a free dinners to the community on Thanksgiving Day.

“I’m thinking she’s doing it to sell dinners for the business but said no let’s just go ahead and feed the community” Rev. Charles said.

Nonetheless after the first year, Aunny’s has done an annual Thanksgiving dinner at their restaurant ever since with the help from Georgetown.

“We couldn’t have done this without the community,” Charles said.

The staff prepared the food a day ahead and set most of Thanksgiving morning and served from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This year was special because to accommodate everyone, Aunnys partnered with the Old Georgetown Creamery to have people line up at two locations to receive a holiday meal.

Turkey, ham, stuffing, macaroni, collard green casseroles and more Thanksgiving dishes were set upon the tables in each restaurant as volunteers helped serve the food to the line of people.

Before the doors opened to the public, a small opening ceremony took place in front of the restaurant with word of appreciation from Rev. Johnson, community officials and partner for the event such as Rev. Eric Wilder, pastor of Beach Family Worship.

“You come together on a day like today and you show the world there is a love that is greater than anything on the face of this planet, and that’s the love that the lord puts in every person here,” Rev. Wilder said.

Words of expression also came from the woman who started it all, Aunny herself. She thanked everyone for coming and gave praise to one person for making the dinner a success: “I just give honor to our lord and savior Jesus Christ because without him we are nothing,” Aunny said “I am so happy that God has given us a vision to be a blessing to the citizens of Georgetown and the surrounding areas.”