As part of their new “Backroad Bites” web series, South Carolina Educational Television selected Aunny’s on Front Street of Georgetown as one of only 10 restaurants in the state to highlight for their audience.

They stopped by for a taping and to try some of Andrea “Aunny” Johnson’s famous cooking. They chose Aunny’s after internet research led them to believe Aunny’s was a hidden gem. They were not disappointed, bragging on their meals after they had a chance to have some lunch.

Johnson describes her food as “Southern down home cooking” and patrons can get a little taste of everything during lunch by taking advantage of the buffet. Patrons will not only get that classic Southern flair, but they’ll also get a taste of some Johnson family recipes, which is to say Georgetown born and bred. Johnson is a Georgetown native, although she lived in New Jersey for a while before moving back to the area.

The timing of the honor is fortuitous as Aunny’s will also be celebrating their 10 year anniversary this year in October. Johnson opened the restaurant in 2009.

“I love to cook,” Johnson said. Food at Aunny’s is never “out of the can” Johnson said. Everything is made from scratch. It is authentic, she said.

“It’s not just about the food, it’s about the people,” Johnson said. Food is very important to the social fabric, she believes. People eat and reminisce about the past as food “your grandmother made” reminds them of the past. It brings people together and Aunny’s focuses on that fact every Thanksgiving when she serves full Thanksgiving meals for free from her restaurant. Furthermore, Aunny’s started as a family enterprise where all the staff were family members. That’s still the case today, although she has hired a few others outside of her family tree in recent years. The family business can be good and challenging sometimes, she said. In the end, though, Johnson said it is a blessing to be surrounded by her family every day.

“This restaurant is built on love,” Johnson said. “It’s not ours. It’s God’s.”

If you have not yet had the opportunity to sample Aunny’s, Johnson says you must try the Southern Smothered Pork Chops. This classic dish covered in onions and gravy is the restaurant’s best seller, she said.

Aunny’s was the only Georgetown area restaurant selected by SCETV for their backroad Bites series which will air in September.

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